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Apr 19, 2013

We live on memories – memories of myriad events! And what can be the best way to capture all those events forever than using a decent digital camera? Digital cameras are being manufactured by a number of camera makers under different categories. But getting the best digital camera that your photographic requirements and budget can meet can be a painstaking experience as there is a large number of digicams available out there in the market.

Before buying a digital camera, you need to consider a number of aspects. The first and foremost question to ask is, ‘why you are buying the camera’, i.e., for what purpose (beginners, advanced, professional) you are going to buy it. Secondly, does your camera meet all the features that you have always been looking for to realize your photographic dream.

With the advent of the Internet things have become easy now to get end-to-end information about your desired digital camera. What’s more, digital camera reviews from experts and users can help you know the displayed products better before you making any commitment. Let’s see the popular digital camera trends that consumers follow while they shop for digital cameras.

  • Megapixels: The number of megapixels is a crucial factor as it ascertains the enlargement factor of the shots taken by the cam. 7 to 10 megapixels are good enough for home uses. For professional, 12-15 megapixel cameras work fine.
  • Optical Zoom: Optical zoom is one of the most crucial factors camera lovers look for in their desired product. 4 x optical zoom has been established standard for beginners, while 10 x + optical zoom feature is necessary for professionals.
  • Weight: People also consider the weigh of the camera while they go to buy the digicams. A light weight camera can be easily carried and it fits everywhere – be it in your hand or pocket.
  • Battery Life: As a trend people do consider this factor as well. Sufficient battery back-up can make lot difference in the selling proposition of the product.
  • Low Light Photography: This is another aspect where camera lovers think a lot before
    buying one for them.
  • Video Recording: Video recording is another feature that digicams can accomplish.
    People consider this feature as well while choosing their respective models.
  • Memory: Memory expansion facility is also considered essential
  • Shutter Speed: Decent shutter speed is a vital feature that a digicam must have.
  • Budget: Budget also plays a big role in deciding the purchasing commitment of a digicam.
  • Brand Name: Going after a brand has been a regular activity for maximum of us. Confronting comparative options at cheaper prices, the same compulsion of us starts to act as one of the greatest driving factors that lead to the state of confusion. Given the choice and comparative features, a brand standing on its reputations should be given the priority.
Since it’s the list of features and pricing that drive a decision in case of many of us, online search can be a very viable option.


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