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Apr 19, 2009

LCD screens need to be cleaned properly as they attract loads of dust and dirt. Hence it is necessary to clean them at regular intervals for a proper viewing. However, some products can damage the LCD screen while others are good for it. Cleaning an LCD screen is, however, still easy once you know the correct methods. In this article, I will give you some tips for cleaning your LCD screen.

Firstly turn off the screen of your monitor and or set the background to black and hide all the desktop icons and minimize the open windows. This will easily help you identify the dirty areas of the monitor. Once you have identified the dirty or greasy areas, then the next step is to plan out the way for cleaning it.

Normal cleaners with ammonia, soaps, or any acids can damage an LCD screen so that's why it's not safe to just spray Windex on your screen like you could for those big, glass CRT monitors. You can also use a solution made up of diluted isopropyl alcohol solution made of water and at most 50% isopropyl alcohol. Then gently pour the solution on top of the soft cloth and rub it up and down the screen until you've covered every part of the screen. After that rub it around in small, quick circles like you're waxing a car. This pattern will prevent streaks.

For the final finish, wipe the screen with a clean dry cloth for wiping away any of the rubbing alcohol solution that hasn't already evaporated. It will give you a chance to gently buff away streaks that may have been left by the minerals in tap water, if you used it instead of distilled.

Cleaning LCD screens is a relatively easy process if you know the right steps or materials. Otherwise you could end up with damaging your screen permanently! By using the right steps or methods, you can keep your LCD screen functional for years to come!


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