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Apr 19, 2009

If you are going to invest a lot of money into a digital camcorder, it’s natural to be defensive about the safety of your new pride and joy. The problem is that by being overly protective, you can sometimes deny yourself the joys of some truly stunning films.

One of the exciting advantages of a waterproof camera is that you can afford to throw caution to the wind somewhat and capture all the things that your normal digital camera could only dream about. Worried about those ominous grey clouds? Not any more; a waterproof camera gives you the freedom and the peace of mind to be bold with your filming. Here are three things that waterproof cameras were made to do, that normal cameras would balk at.

Extreme Sports
Perhaps the most obvious but also one of the most satisfying uses for your waterproof camera is to take it with you whilst doing extreme sports. Waterproof cameras are ideal for winter sports enthusiasts who want to capture the fluid grace of skiers and snowboarders on the slopes. In the mountains, the weather can often change quickly which means normal digital cameras can be caught out suddenly in the middle of a flurry of snow.

Waterproof cameras are impervious to snowfall, and not only that, the fact that they are protected from the wet means that you can get your waterproof camera closer to the action, right on the cusp of a powerful carving turn spraying up fresh powder. Normal digital cameras would shy away from such shots.

Watersports such as windsurfing and sailing will also benefit from the added protection of the waterproof camera, being able to be fully submerged and still take great quality footage. Just make sure you don’t drop it in the sea beyond its operational depth!

Recreating Classic Aquatic Movie Moments
Water features in some of the most iconic movies ever. For the amateur director, recreating some of those classic moments is no longer the challenge it once was. If you’ve ever dreamed of throwing some shapes like Gene Kelly in Singing In The Rain, or shouting, “I’m the King of the World!” like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, here’s your chance.

The HD cameras which are now available on the market mean you can capture the smoothest dance moves or triumphant exclamations in high definition glory. Imagine how much better Kevin Costner’s Waterworld could have been if they had benefited from a waterproof HD camera – and possibly a better script.

Chasing Storms
The sheer violence, power and force of a thunderstorm is one of nature’s most brutal and beautiful things. People approach thunderstorms either with fear, awe, or a mixture of the two. There is no denying though, that witnessing and capturing lightning strikes on film is a dramatic and exquisite event.

The problem with storms is that they are inevitably very wet affairs. A normal camera would not be able to cope with the torrents of wind-lashed rain that encompasses the intrepid cameraman. Waterproof cameras are built perfectly for these glorious natural cataclysms, and the impeccable high definition cameras allow excellent slow-motion footage and stills to focus on the precise moments when the lightning strikes. Although a niche market, waterproof cameras are ideal for this purpose.


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