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Apr 20, 2011

What is the best professional DSLR in middle 2011? Here we give you the Top 10 Professional DSLR...

But before that, why those DSLR camera can be the the best one? According to TOpTenReviews, there some criteria feature how they can be the best one:

Traditionally, these image capturing devices are heavier and bulkier than point-and-shoot cameras; however, their size and weight should remain reasonable. The size of the LCD display screen and the overall design of the camera's body should be taken in consideration. The ability for the device to record images in HD format is also a desired feature. This technology is not available in every DSLR camera.

Image Quality>
Resolution is measured in megapixels. The more megapixels a camera has the better quality prints it produces. These advanced cameras need more megapixels than point-and-shoot cameras because it gives the photographer more creative control in the editing and printing process.

Battery Life/Memory
Professionals especially rely on their cameras to capture others' memories. The best professional DSLR cameras will not suck the life out of batteries after only a few shots. The memory available must allow for enough data to be stored for a large quantity of photos. Removable memory is also an added feature and makes it much easier for transferring files from the device onto a PC.

This is The Top 10 Professional DSLR Camera:
  1. Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, details
  2. Nikon D7000, details
  3. Canon EOS-1D Mark III, details
  4. Olympus E-5
  5. Pentax K-5, details
  6. Canon EOS 5D Mark II, details
  7. Nikon D300S, details
  8. Canon EOS 7D
  9. Sony Alpha A900, details
  10. Canon EOS 50D

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