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Apr 24, 2009

Apple-iphone. Many of you are still thinking about the thought of whether you should buy the Apple iPhone 3G or not, personally myself will have an update, but step back and reflect on why you should not.

We’ll give you eight reasons why you should not because they are some of the reasons our readers have developed. The Apple iPhone is the product of hype and many years of love, as appropriate, or will not.

The reasons you should not be outside a store to buy the Apple iPhone 3G:

1) At present, Apple iPhone has the free choice of the 2.0 firmware update, this update covers most of what the 3G version will, and do you really need to pay more months.

2) Do you really need a phone with GPS, especially if you’re an AT & T customer, AT & T will know exactly where you are.

3) As Walt Mossberg said in his video, battery life is much shorter than that of the current iPhone. The battery life for voice using 3G is quite poor.

4) The support is made of plastic on the 3G and non-brushed steel, not sure the plastic last very well.

5) The iPhone 3G has only a 2-megapixel camera, which means it is not a decent camera phone, recording videos is a big no no.

6) With Apple, Carphone Warehouse and O2 are not able to provide pre-orders online crashing ceaselessly is a pain in the ass. Some O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores in the United Kingdom have no idea what’s going on. If they do not know anything hell how can we be trusted.

7) The HTC Touch Diamond, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 and the Samsung Omnia seem to be a great comparison, many readers here on phones examination seem to love these 3 devices better than the iPhone 3G.

8) The chances of obtaining a 3G iPhone on Friday are quite thin as they see are only a few dozen storage in store.


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