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Apr 24, 2009

Couple years ago, cell phone only can be owned by high class people or someone with high mobility. However, in these years mobile phone has become a gadget where every one can easily have. Most of people on the world, Parents, teenagers, even children are able to get cell phones with various range of price.

But do you know how to maintenance your cell phone in order to keep it in good condition or last longer? Here are some tips for your reference:

1. Charging the mobile phone battery - Always charge the battery based on the proper instruction given on the manual book. Don’t charge it when the battery bar shows it’s still half of the bar or full . If you do that, it will make the battery empty earlier (need to charge again).Just charge it when the battery almost empty.

2. Lock the mobile phone - Always lock the phone when it’s not used. If the phone is unlocked,unknown calls can easily happen. for your suggestion, try to activate auto lock on the cell phone menu or set to ON.

3. Secure the cell phone - Always remember to secure the mobile phone using PIN on the SIM card. You need to secure your phone using a code lock and never inform someone else about the code.

4. Use the recommended battery - Always use the original battery or recommended battery from the dealer when you need replacement, it’s safer to use the original one. Don’t ever try to buy a new battery which is not recommended (not original) with the reason of the price is cheaper.

5. Clean the cell phone - Clean it regularly to keep it clean and shiny. You just need to wipe it every day or whenever it is dirty.

6. Cover the mobile phone - A good quality of cell phone case that fits properly or based on the type of the phone is the best way to protect it from dust. Always use cell phone case with air flow inside.

7. Screen protector phone - Use a screen protector to avoid scratch mark or line on your cell phone’s screen.

8. Placing the mobile phone - It is very important to place or keep the phone on a dry place. Don’t put it on wet surface or in humid place, avoiding from rain or any liquid. Place the phone in room temperature.


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