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Jun 13, 2009

The core of increasing alexa rank is increasing the traffic number or a visit to a web or blog, but sometimes the data of blog traffic which we get from alexa is not accurate, that’s why as the owner of the web or blog, we have to try so that the web or blog traffic go to alexa accurately.
Below are some tips to customize your web or blog which increasing alexa rank:

1) Installing Alexa Toolbar in the internet browser
Internet Explorer User:

For Firefox User:

Otherwise, there is alternative for Firefox user (integration between Page Rank checker and Alexa Rank checker): 


2) Adding alexa Widget in to your blog or web


3) Installing Alexa adds on for your Browser alexa toolbar for internet explorer or alexa search status add-on
4) Setting your Web or Blog into Home Page in Internet Browser
How to setting your home page browser with your own blog or web, it’s not difficult to set your browser. Here’s the step:

For Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)
a. Run your internet explorer

b. Look up to menu bar, click “Tools” menu, then choose “Internet Options”

c. After the option appears, make sure that you are in General tab, write your Blog address in the available column, e.g; Click apply and then OK.

d. Finish. Now, every time, when you open the internet, you will directly visit your own blog/website.

If you are use Mozilla Firefox, the steps are almost similar: 

a. Run the Firefox.
b. Click Tools menu and then Options…
c. After options appear, click Main tab. Fill in the home page with your blog address. Click OK and finish.

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